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Monitoring, comparing and analyzing data with detailed reports.
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Valuable insight in to your machine's operation.


Available for the Zaxis© lineup of excavators (including mini, medium, large, wheeled) and EX mining excavators, as well as a range of ZW wheel loaders, Hitachi’s ConSite and Global e-Service provide a consolidated fleet management platform for intelligent reporting. The data reporting service monitors the day-to-day operational data of Hitachi machines and sends notifications instantly and monthly via mobile apps and emails. Equipment owners and operators have reported the following benefits from ConSite and Global e-Service:

  • Increased productivity
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Maximized availability
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Better work-time management


On a daily basis, Hitachi machines send their operation data using their onboard terminal device to the Hitachi information center via mobile phone network or satellite communication network.

The data is processed and stored in Global e-Service which serves as a cloud-based fleet management tool exclusively for Hitachi equipment owners. Real-time data can be accessed either via Owner’s Site on the Global e-Service website; or via the ConSite Pocket mobile app which is available for both Apple and Android smartphones.


Push notification
Emergency alarm
Machine finder
Monthly report

Hitachi’s ConSite Pocket app allows you to manage and monitor your machines wherever you are, with just the click of a button. The easy-to-use mobile app sends alerts on the health of your machinery, and recommends the best course of action. It also allows you to download your monthly ConSite report anytime to your mobile phone, and find exact locations for your machines.

To use ConSite Pocket, register with Global e-Service, download the app and login to get started. Download the ConSite Pocket app today and start receiving real-time alerts.


ConSite has two advance reporting system to visualize the operation status of your machine. Using mobile and satellite telematics, you can automatically receive a monthly report and alarm notification report transmitted via email and mobile push notifications in a timely manner into your various devices e.g desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Consite can identify the alarms that requires urgent attention. To prevent catastrophic failures and downtime, an emergency alarm report can be swiftly sent to you and your dealer to immediately verify the situation and take necessary action.
The monthly report provides you operation analytics that helps to increase your machines efficiency and productivity. Each machine's operational information can be shared with your dealer to provide the maximum support value you deserve.


Introducing Hitachi’s patented industry-first real-time oil monitoring system called ConSite OIL. In case of any abnormality in the oil condition, the sensor immediately sends an alert to the operator and equipment owner via ConSite Pocket app. With this system, any irregularity is prevented from creating further damage. This helps to ensure that your Hitachi equipment is always in tiptop condition.




ConSite OIL Sensor (Real-time Monitoring) vs. Periodic Oil Analysis

Periodic oil analysis is a good practice to keep equipment in good working condition. However, it cannot detect problems as they occur especially when they happen in between oil analysis intervals. That is why Hitachi worked hard to develop the ConSite OIL sensor.



ConSite + Global E-Service = MAX RETURN ON INVESTMENT

With Hitachi’s innovative ConSite and Global e-Service remote fleet monitoring systems, equipment owners can ensure greater ROI for their investment. Coupled with durability, reliability, and productivity, ConSite and Global e-Service make Hitachi machines the best technoLOGICAL choice.

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