Attachments & Applications

Hitachi offers wide variety of application products and attachments with proven controllability and versatility to suit varied job requirements. For small and medium sized hydraulic excavators. Make a selection of the right product for the right use to increase job efficiency and productivity.

Civil Engineering

Model Note
Clamshell Telescopic Arm Suitable for jobs requiring deeper, faster, stronger digging
Extension Arm Meeting customers' needs for digging deeper at more distant locations


Model Note
Demolisher Powerful base machine compatible with demolition front attachment
Hydraulic Excavator with Multi-Purpose Boom Long reach front and two-piece boom attachable
Two-piece Boom Compact machine body, but wide working range

Metal Recycle

Model Note
Magnet Machine Features minimized load swing and smooth release
Scrap Handling Machine Mobile capability for high-efficiency operations
Car Demolisher Exclusive machine for high-efficiency car demolition


Model Note
Forest Machine Base machine compatible with various attachments for forestry work
Timber Grapple Grapple exclusive for separating, collecting, and loading timbers


Model Note
Amphibious Soft Terrain Backhoe Large floating-capacity undercarriage for effective work on soft terrain
Inboard Machine Exclusive machine provided with measures to counter dust and fire

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